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Jang Dong Gun returns to TV? That’s too good to be true. But, it’s really happened! What a news!

Everybody who watched All About Eve must be delighted. Since that monumental drama in 2000, Jang Dong Gun only made movies and it seems impossible for him to come back to small screen. But thanks to writer Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden, Lovers in Paris) who finally convinced that megastar to play in her script A Gentleman’s Dignity after Jang Dong Gun turned down the script last year. He even offered the role to his best pal Joo Jin Mo.

The arrival of Jang Dong Gun completed the casts of Kim Min Jong (Athena: Goddess of War) and Kim Soo Ro (movie My Way) who previously confirmed to play in A Gentleman’s Dignity, which will tell story of a bunch men in their mid 30s and early 40s.

It’s obviously a big win for SBS, TV station which will air this drama. Now they have big task to find the perfect leading lady. Who do you think well-matched actress for Jang Dong Gun?

Chae Rim, his co-star in All About Eve? We don’t think so, people would think this’s All About Eve’s sequel. Ha Ji Won? Sounds interesting, but she’s already in for another drama The King in the next couple of months. Han Chae Young? Han Ye Seul? Kim Ha Neul? Lee Da Hae? Moon Chae Won? Shin Min Ah? Son Ye Jin? Yoon Eun Hye? Whoever she is, it’s a great honor to play leading lady for Jang Dong Gun, no?

A Gentleman’s Dignity is scheduled for spring this year and hopefully this news also sends a strong message for Won Bin, this’s time to go back to TV, Won Bin!

Source : Kyoengin


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